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About us

Agromisr, founded in 1980

Agromisr, founded in 1980, is a producer of dehydrated food ingredients and essential oils. With decades of experience and specialization in the field of dehydration, Agromisr ‘s focus is on producing premium quality.

As a pioneer in organic produce in Egypt, Agromisr is certified organic in accordance with EU-Organic, NOP (USA) and BIO-Suisse.

Agromisr is a family owned and run company with an outstanding international track record and reputation in exporting Egypt’s finest agricultural products to over 20 countries across the globe.

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Our Quality and Food Safety

Strict hygienic procedures are being followed from the first to the final stage. Post-drying machinery, such as metal detectors and steam sterilizers, are integrated in the production line to ensure a safe and clean end product.

At Agromisr we strongly believe in the importance of the human factor for food production. The combination of accumulated knowledge and modern machinery gives Agromisr a competitive advantage in producing high quality products.

Steam Sterilisation

Our Organic Farming Project

Agromisr has launched a large scale cultivation project to provide solutions for growing challenges, such as pesticide residue and microbiological safety. This includes new cultivation areas and methods, ensuring pure water, soil and air conditions.

In order to consistently meet the ever increasing regulations and market requirements our farms are inspected and samples taken on a regular basis. We place great value on education and training of our farmers to ensure that all our food-safety and quality requirements are met.

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